Dungeon Screener Game

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Dungeon Screener

Added: 2016-05-23
Genres : Action
Size: 8.79 MB
Plays: 1232
Source: Internet
Description: Dungeon Screener is a roguelike dungeon crawler strategy game. Where you take control of the knight, ranger, cleric, and wizard as you traverse through the depth of the randomly generated dungeons and caves. Pick up dropped items, collect all the cards, and try to get to the top ranked leaderboard.
Controls: Mouse or Touch Controls: Point-Tap-Click to Walk-Take-Attack in the desired location.
Point-Tap-Click on any unit in your party to Activate/Deactivate or Cast abilities and spells.
Keyboard Controls: Arrow keys & Num-pad support,
[QWE-ASD-ZXC] – left handed player,
[UIO-JKL-M<>] – right handed player
[K, 1, 7] Knight defend,
[J, 2, 8] Ranger aim,
[N, 3, 9] Wizard prepare to cast spell,
[H, 4, 0] Cleric Heal / Protect instantly,
[SPACE, ENTER, B] take item, enter tavern
UI Shortcuts: [O] Hi-Score, [G] Settings, [R] Cards, [V] View Info,
[5, -] Sound, [6, =] Music, [~] Quit, [Y] Yes, [N] No, [F] Fullscreen, [Esc] Cancel